We are all made of stardust...

Stardust Ashes will scatter the ashes of your loved one into the stratosphere, so that they may be released back into the universe.  

"Man must rise above the earth, to the top of the clouds  and beyond, for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives" - Socrates.

cloudsAbout Stardust Ashes

Stardust Ashes offers Commemorative Celebration keynoted by launching an environmentally-friendly balloon that carries the loved one’s ashes up to 100,000 feet where they are released from a biodegradable urn into the stratosphere so that they may enter the jet stream and circulate the globe.

Our Policy

Our policy when it comes to the Commemorative Celebration is strictly positive: we believe that the positive feelings, emotions and memories the friends and family on the day will accompany the loved one on their final journey, and settle with them across the world.